Amie Fipps

Amie Fipps is the Director of Marketing for MAXHUB, USA. Fipps is a creative visionary with 20+ years of experience in Marketing Strategy and has a proven track record of delivering multiple high-priority projects ahead of schedule. Fipps is responsible for the development, implementation, and execution of comprehensive marketing campaigns. She oversees the company’s US marketing team while working closely with global headquarters to develop, oversee and execute new strategic marketing visions globally. 

In her previous role as Senior Marketing Manager for AVer Information, Fipps developed and implemented reliable Strategic Marketing Plans that enriched the customer experience, built loyalty, and increased profitability. Under her leadership, AVer’s UC marketing division revenue growth reached 185% and won 35 awards over 4 years.

Prior to her role at AVer, Fipps was the Marketing Strategist for Heritage Golf Group, where she developed strategic sports marketing campaigns for 9 brand divisions. She ensured that online presences were optimal and effective while delivering tangible business results. Fipps’ strategic online campaigns generated over 98.2 million impressions in less than 4 months.

Fipps holds two Bachelor’s of Science Degrees, Marketing and Business Administration, and a minor in Finance from Portland State University. When not focused on AV, Fipps trains for the Tough Mudder (a 16-mile endurance mud run), visits Oregon wineries or walks her 3 dogs.