MAXHUB Large Format Displays

Versátil. Simple. Impactante.

Eleve su entorno con imágenes brillantes, contraste cautivador y uniformidad de color precisa.

MAXHUB Large Format Displays

Soluciones innovadoras

Instalaciones de gran formato sin igual

Pantallas de gran formato

Pantallas M27

Pantallas GH31

Pantallas Raptor

105 Pantalla no táctil 21:9

Expositores comerciales

Jude Futcher
Jude Futcher Procurement Officer
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IFP is a perfect example of a piece of technology that users didn’t know they needed, similar to products like the iPad. It is not about what the product does as much as it is about what the product allows the user to do. IFP should make simple tasks much simpler.
Jason Powell
Jason Powell Owner
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“MAXHUB helps us deliver our cutting edge-high-end software and advanced technology services to the sporting industry.”
Jason Parker
Jason ParkerDirector
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My Clients don’t believe how good the MAXHUB IFP really is until we turn it on for the first time and the expression on their faces is priceless.
Jason Powell
Jason PowellDirector
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We deliver innovative technology services that enable significant competitive advantage for hospitality and retail. MAXHUB is an important part of this solution.
Mark Cooper
Mark CooperCo-Founder
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IFP is an integral part of Aspire as we work to connect people across southeast Queensland.

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