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The next-generation of MAXHUB ConferenceOS


Advanced Interactive Operating System

As the use of interactive displays increases and the hybrid working style becomes more common, meeting software has become essential to boosting creativity and driving business success. Incorporating critical collaboration tools to enable brainstorming, content sharing, and instant video calls, the built-in MAXHUB ConferenceOS takes meeting systems to the next level with refined technology advancements.

3-Activity Homepage:
Collaboration Redefined

Today’s MAXHUB ConferenceOS takes centre stage in MAXHUB Conference Solutions. At the very beginning of our software design process, we identified the most significant activities during a meeting: writing, presenting and videoconferencing. Those three activities formed the iconic MAXHUB homepage and laid the foundation for successive application designs.

Write, Naturally

The built-in MAXHUB Whiteboard is integral to the MAXHUB corporate solution, offering enhanced collaboration capabilities in a user-friendly UI with a plethora of features and tools. Start now with MAXHUB Whiteboard to get the experience of creating freely, presenting easily and annotating effortlessly.


Share, Effortlessly

MAXHUB Share is the software designed for seamless, wireless presentation and collaboration. It works perfectly with the MAXHUB interactive flat panel to deliver the smoothest collaboration experience between people, devices, and content.

Conference, Seamlessly

Collaboration across distances is becoming increasingly crucial these days. MAXHUB conference panels eliminate the hassles by having a camera already set up, with a microphone array that collects voices from every corner of the room, and a system that is compatible with virtually all teleconference applications, including Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, etc.


Homepage Customizable Your Way

MAXHUB ConferenceOS comes with an open architecture to allow homepage personalization. Up to three frequently used apps can be added to the homepage, making the interactive whiteboard perfect for your specific needs. Wallpaper and panel background can be changed suit your workspace environment. You can even choose your website as the homepage background.

Privacy & Security Guarded

For any communication system, security and privacy must be protected. MAXHUB goes to great lengths to ensure data security and safeguard the privacy of meeting participants.

Hotspot Shield Mode

Hotspot Shield protects participants’ privacy when visitors are invited to join the meeting. Even if visitors connect to the interactive flat panel’s hotspot for wireless screen sharing, they will remain disconnected from any internal network, providing companies with another layer of protection.

Handy Sidebar Tools

MAXHUB sidebar offers several helpful tools that are accessible with just a few taps. During a teleconference, for example, you can emphasize critical points with the annotation tool, start a 5-minute brainstorm challenge, initiate a voting session, or set a timer. Participants can also take screenshots and record screen content on the MAXHUB V5 interactive flat panel, share files wirelessly, and more.

Slide to a Second Panel

With a simple swipe, you can slide from the MAXHUB interactive panel to a second panel that offers various templates for the welcome page as well as customization features. Make MAXHUB flat panel the centre for team building activities and the catalyst for creating a more innovative environment. Work with the team and laugh with the team.

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