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Wireless sharing to MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall

Wireless sharing to traditional devices

Wireless sharing to multiple devices

Wireless sharing to multiple devices

Discussion Mode

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Compose Mode

Combining a panoramic view with closeups, you can view the whole room while seeing 6 key participants in closeup.

Manual Mode

Zoom into a specific area anywhere in the room.

Body-fit Mode

Focus on all the participants

Grid Mode

See closeups of 4 key participants simultaneously, each in their own quadrant.

Presentation Mode

Focus on the whiteboard and the active presenter at the same time.

Speaker Mode

See the whole meeting room while focusing on all the participants simultaneously.

Wireless sharing to multiple devices

Control Your Devices Through The Touchscreen

No more back and forth from your seat during presentations – project content via your laptop directly to the display and operate your laptop using the touchscreen display.

Conquer space in large meeting rooms.

Even in board room-sized venues, the MAXHUB Digital Signage assures engagement with features like wireless BYOD capabilities.

Wireless sharing to multiple devices

A big idea for small spaces.

The MAXHUB Digital Signage provides a big advance in small rooms, especially when paired with the MAXHUB professional video bar technology.

Wireless sharing to multiple devices

Capture inspiration in open spaces.

Focus attention and facilitate collaboration in open environments with easy screen sharing for all participants.

Wireless sharing to multiple devices

Large Meeting Rooms

Command Attention

Big rooms demand a bold display of capabilities, and the MAXHUB Digital Signage never disappoints. Wireless BYOD screen sharing, a long with a superior visual display and remote management allow you to engage audiences effortlessly, even in sizeable venues.

Huddle Rooms

Maximize Efficiency

Huddle rooms provide an intimate, focused environment for fruitful conferencing and collaboration. Pair your MAXHUB Digital Signage with the MAXHUB S10 pro videobar to set the stage for impressive results.

Open Spaces

Capture Inspiration

Enable effortless screen sharing for participants, wherever you meet, however many are gathered. The MAXHUB Digital Signage provides the flexibility and convenience you need to activate engagement in any setting.

Wireless sharing to multiple devices







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