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UC W21

Take Your Video Conferencing Experience to Another Level

UC W21

Advanced Videoconferencing Camera

The MAXHUB UC W21 represents a new era of video quality with 4K Ultra HD clarity and a sensational wide angle design.

4K Ultra Wide-angle Video for Incredible Meeting Visuals

The UC W21 business webcam promises another level of clarity and picture quality, with 4K Ultra HD video at 25fps and layered optical glass for better smoothness and clarity. A 120-degree FoV means you won't miss anything in your meeting.

4K@ 25fps|120° DFoV |1/2.8" SONY sensor | HDR

Immerse Yourself in Crisp, Clear Audio, Anywhere

The UC W21 features a dual integrated set of omnidirectional mics with a pioneering noise-cancellation algorithm built-in. The camera detects audio up to 4 metres away and filters background noise out to keep the focus on you.

2-element Mic Array | Noise Reduction Algorithm

Stay Looking Your Best in any Light

Pioneering 2D and 3D DNR technology in the UC W21 delivers incredible image quality, crisp visuals, and sensational video experiences. From low light to bright backlights, the HDR technology will always adjust to make you look your best.

2D & 3D DNR | HDR

Autoframing Keeps You in the Spotlight

Advanced AI technologies including face detection ensure that the camera will automatically adjust to the best framing solutions according to participant location and quantity. Real-time close-up presentation and manual options allow everyone to get the focus they deserve. You'll have no problem fitting everyone on the table, and no issues with people being missed out.

Auto Focus

360-degree Rotation Enables Endless Customization

DFoV 120 degree viewing angle combined with 360 degree horizontal rotation give you complete control over where your camera focuses.

360° horizontal rotation | Different angle adjustment (≤10°)

Adjust 10° to the Right

Adjust 10° to the Back

Adjust 10° to the Front

Adjust 10° to the Left

Compatible with the Software You Love

Stick with the conferencing software you love. The W21 supports Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and all the market leaders.

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