MAXHUB Collaboration Displays

V6 Classic Series

Advanced whiteboard tools with professional video features

V6 MAXHUB Collaboration Display

Classic Series

Refine Meeting Efficiency

Integrating professional video conferencing, seamless screen-sharing, advanced whiteboard technology, and a brilliant audiovisual experience, the MAXHUB V6 Classic Series is the ultimate corporate-collaboration assistant. Drive productive teamwork and increase organizational efficiency with this meeting-room must-have.

Total Solution, Minimal Setup

A complete, seamless design fulfills every meeting requirement, including built-in camera, mic, and touch panel. Whether video conferencing or hosting a local discussion, it’s as easy as plugging in your power cable.

Distinguish Every Detail
in Ultra-HD

Experience 1.07 billion colors in brilliant detail with high-color gamut and ultra-HD, 4K display, promising a professional-grade image quality. Zero-bonding technology effectively reduces air refraction and parallax for enhanced visual clarity.

View Vibrant Deep Colors

90% NTSC high-color gamut, compatible with a variety of color spaces. The V6 Classic Series offers color gamut restoration across a variety of formats, including presentations, printed documents, and video clips.

Advanced, Intuitive Video Conferencing

Experience next-level video conferencing with a wide field of vision, and crystal-clear, amplified audio. Thanks to auto-framing, the V6 Classic Series intuitively adjusts to the number of meeting participants and their location.

The newly upgraded 48MP camera ensures crisp detail during multi-participant video conferencing, while its 92° HFOV ultra-wide-angle lens expands the field of view to achieve a panoramic perspective. WDR Dynamic Anti-Backlight technology maintains ideal lighting contrast, preserving image clarity even under extreme lighting conditions.

Sony ½-inch Sensor     92° HFOV     WDR Dynamic Anti-Backlight

With auto-framing, the display automatically adjusts to achieve the best angle based on the number of participants and their location, so it feels like a face-to-face interaction.


*Supports up to 30 people. Working distance within 10 meters.


Using speaker-tracking technology, 8 microphones locate the sound source in real time, ensuring the speaker is always the center of attention.

Exceptional Voice Clarity

8 non-equidistant microphone arrays

Built-in AI noise reduction

2.1 channel stereo sound

2x10W+20W (subwoofer) seam speakers

The V6 Classic Series microphone supports 8-meter, 180° wide-angle voice pickup, while AI noise-reduction technology enhances the human voice, filtering interference. Designed with powerful seam speakers, exceptional voice clarity is guaranteed.

Easy, Wireless Screen-sharing

The V6 Classic Series’ dual Wi-Fi modules simultaneously support a screen-sharing hotspot and Wi-Fi network connection. With low image latency, you’ll enjoy a faster, more stable connection, and a superb screen-sharing experience.

There’s no need to rely on virtual-meeting platforms to share your screen. The V6 Classic Series supports multiple screen-sharing methods, including our built-in MAXHUB Share software, Miracast, AirPlay, and Chromecast. Cast to the V6 Classic Series quickly and wirelessly from any PC or mobile device.

Using MAXHUB Share, screen-share wirelessly from up to 4 devices simultaneously. The V6 Classic Series’ low latency preserves its 4K resolution, maintaining critical detail while enhancing the visual experience.

The V6 Classic Series allows for greater flexibility during presentations – turn pages and annotate directly on the touchscreen or manage the panel from your own device while seated.

Efficient, Inspired Brainstorming

Start the whiteboard with just one click and dive into creative, efficient brainstorming. Equipped with 20 touch points, the device supports two people writing simultaneously and comes with a variety of pre-installed graphic templates.

Smart Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows you to easily convert handwritten text to print.

Recording your meetings has never been more efficient. Scan the code and deliver all the meeting minutes, including annotations, to your mailbox – with just one click.

Syncs Perfectly with Your Devices

The V6 Classic Series’ front-facing Type-C interface design allows you to cast from and control your own devices through the touchscreen. You can also use its camera, microphone, and speakers directly from your laptop. A 1.8m Type-C cable is included in the package.

Wired screen-sharing requires just one Type-C cable – it’s that easy.

Prioritizing Healthcare

Antibacterial glass, antibacterial passive styluses, and an antibacterial power button keeps you safe.

Wired screen-sharing requires just one Type-C cable – it’s that easy.

Instant Device Access and Management

IT teams can easily access and manage all MAXHUB devices instantly through the cloud.

Remotely update device firmware, turn the screen on/off, install apps, deliver a message to all panels, and more using the pre-installed MAXHUB device-management app.

Wired screen-sharing requires just one Type-C cable – it’s that easy.

Effortless Access with

MAXHUB OS 6.0 provides easy access to whiteboarding, video conferencing apps, and wireless projection. Users can personalize the customizable homepage for a tailored user experience, and join a scheduled meeting with just one click thanks to the integrated calendar design.

Wired screen-sharing requires just one Type-C cable – it’s that easy.

V6 Classic MAXHUB O.S.

V6 Classic for Zoom Rooms

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