MAXHUB’s Raptor Integrated LED Wall Keeps the Information Flowing for Westgate Resorts

120-inch diagonal display facilitates 24/7 monitoring of the corporate network through all properties

Ocoee, FL – December 2022… Founded by President and CEO David Siegel in 1982, Westgate Resorts provides a diverse range of vacation and resort experiences across the company’s resorts in Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. From sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean to snow-covered Utah mountains, Westgate Resorts enables guests to experience the country’s most desirable vacation destinations. With an organization of this size, it is critical for the company to monitor its business and the company recently deployed a MAXHUB Raptor Series LM120A07 120-inch diagonal integrated LED Wall to help keep tabs on information flow.Tony Petro, MIS, CTS, a Senior IT Operations Project Manager for Westgate Resorts, helped oversee the installation of the new LED Video Wall as part of his role in the company’s resort and corporate audiovisual projects. “We installed our MAXHUB LED wall in November of 2022 and immediately placed it into service,” Petro said. “The display is wall mounted in our Corporate Network Operations Center and is used by our network operations team to provide 24/7 monitoring of our network at all of our resorts and corporate facilities.”

When asked about the aspects of the LM120A07 120-inch diagonal integrated LED wall that Westgate finds most appealing, Petro stated, “The display is seamless. At no time does a viewer ever become aware of the individual panels that constitute its overall size. The MAXHUB display uses less power than traditional video wall systems and has far fewer failure points than a matrix-based display, which is very important in terms of long-term performance. We are also very impressed by the fact that spare LED panels are included to maximize uptime should an issue occur. The MAXHUB LM120A07 is an outstanding choice for a 24/7 operation.”

With many electronic items of this nature, questions inevitably arise during setup and installation. Because of this, capable and responsive customer and technical support services are crucial.  “MAXHUB was supportive of us prior to purchase, during setup, and after installation was completed, Petro reports. “They setup two demonstration sessions, which enabled us to see the product up close and in action before a purchase decision was made. Equally impressive, they were with us during the installation, and they trained our in-house team on how to install the LED wall so we can complete our own setups in the future.”

“Everyone who has viewed the MAXHUB LED wall has been very impressed,” Petro added. “We hope to start using more of the MAXHUB Raptor LED walls in our public facing areas at our resorts. With its efficient setup, rich feature set, and visual impact that really grabs one’s attention, the MAXHUB Raptor LED wall is delivering everything we had hoped for.”

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About Westgate Resorts

Westgate Resorts is the largest privately held timeshare company in the world and one of the largest resort developers in the United States. Founded in 1982 by David Siegel, the company is headquartered in Orlando with seven Orlando hotel resorts, and 22 themed destination resorts nationwide, featuring more than 14,000 luxury villas and hotel rooms in popular vacation destinations throughout the United States.




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